About Us

Welcome to Coorg Flavours, your gateway to the authentic tastes of Coorg, Karnataka! Nestled in this picturesque region, we are a leading food processing company specializing in crafting exceptional spices, masalas, coffee, and honey.

Our roots are intertwined with the rich soil of Coorg, renowned for its world-class coffee and exquisite spices. From our fertile lands, we bring you the pure essence of Coorg’s natural bounty. Our diverse range includes not only the finest coffee and spices but also cherished traditional masalas and cooking powders that have been cherished by the Coorg community for generations.

Beyond these culinary treasures, our passion extends to the art of creating handcrafted chocolates. With an array of delightful varieties, our homemade chocolates are a true testament to the care and love we infuse into all our products.

The heartwarming feedback from our customers resonates with our commitment to preserving the authentic flavors of Coorg. Our products encapsulate the cherished homely tastes that discerning palates adore.

Curious to explore our offerings? Learn more about us and our offerings at coorgflavours.com. Embark on a journey to discover the soulful essence of Coorg through our meticulously crafted products.

We eagerly await the opportunity to serve you and share the unique essence of Coorg’s flavors. Get in touch with us soon!

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